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Basic Bins

14" Divider for 14" Basic Bins - 50 Pack

14" Divider for 14" Basic Bins - 50 Pack

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Dividers are back in stock. Shipping via Fedex. Allow 3-7 business days to prepare and ship.

Titanium Dividers ship in packs of 50. Each one you purchase from the website is a box of 50 and it includes free shipping.

The Titanium Divider for Basic Bins will allow you to turn your Basic Bin into multiple picking bins. We engineered these incredibly robust dividers to also add a MASSIVE amount of structural support.

Basic Bins are 32" wide, when you add a Titanium Divider you can turn your 32" bin into 2 x 18" bins, or add 3 Titanium Dividers and turn your Basic Bin into 3 x 12" picking locations. If you receive a large shipment of sweaters, simply pull the Titanium Dividers out and boom, you have one giant Basic Bin again.

These dividers add a ton of flexibility to your warehouse and give you the ability to create the type of picking locations you need, when you need them no matter what type of product is rolling in.

Watch the video and browse the pictures for full info.

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