Discover the Basic Bins System

The Basic Bin system is designed to provide the ultimate in flexible, affordable warehouse picking solutions. Our bins come in two versatile sizes—8" and 14"—allowing you to maximize your storage space and improve your inventory management.

Basic Bins In Action

Key Benefits of Basic Bins

  • Space Efficiency: Provides approximately 35-55% more space than other similar bins.
  • Flexible Quantity: Available in the quantity you need.
  • Affordability: More affordable than any other solution.
  • Complete System: A comprehensive warehouse inventory system.
  • Proven Performance: Tested in large boutiques and warehouses.
  • Combination Potential: Can be combined with 14" tall and 8" tall bins and dividers to create a highly efficient picking system.
  • Increased Accuracy and Speed: Helps drive accuracy and speed when picking.
  • No Expensive Equipment Needed: Does not require expensive racking or shelving.