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Basic Bins

8" Basic Bin : 32x18x8 Stackable Pick Bin

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$8.25 USD

If you do not have a forklift or a loading dock please leave a note at checkout stating "I require a lift gate to remove bins from delivery truck."

The NEW 8" height Basic Bin. We designed the 8" Basic Bin to utilize the maximum amount of overhead space. Our larger bins are fantastic for bulky items and large qty items, but our new 8" bins really help utilize the space in the upper parts of the bins as items sell through. Grab a bunch of 8" bins to go with your 14" bins to build the ultimate in flexible, affordable warehouse picking system. You can mix and match based on season, product type, etc. 

Visit our video section to see how these are being used to drive efficiency and accuracy!

Important Info when ordering is at the bottom, make sure to scroll down and read it. Thanks!

These large basic bins are:

32” wide x 18” deep x 8” tall (all space is usable from wall to wall inside the bin)

Our bins are currently in use in over 100 warehouses and wholesalers.

Basic Bins

  • give you approx 35-55% more space than other similar bins
  • are available in the quantity you need
  • are more affordable than any other solution
  • are a complete warehouse inventory system
  • have been tested in large boutiques
  • can be combined with 14" tall and 8" tall bins and dividers to create a highly efficient picking system
  • can help you drive accuracy and speed when picking

Minimum Order is 100pcs

Important Shipping Info:

  • Pay for freight at checkout, the rate we charge is MUCH cheaper than scheduling your own freight.
  • IF freight ends up being cheaper we will refund the difference directly to your original payment method. We typically charge 30-40% below actual freight cost. Bins ship on 82"x52" pallets and are approx 25" tall for each 100 ordered. They are massive pallets and take up 2 pallet spots.
  • REQUIRED: Leave a note at checkout if you require a lift gate! (not sure what that is? It's the little elevator on the back of the freight truck, unless you have a truck dock or fork lift, you need one.)
  • If you will be scheduling your own freight, call us at 949-441-8206 after placing your order
  • PLEASE BE AWARE IF YOU ARE IN A RURAL AREA, HOME RESIDENCE OR HARD TO ACCESS LOCATION THERE MAY BE AN ADDITIONAL FEE CHARGED AFTER YOUR ORDER OF $150. This is a fee freight carriers impose on us if they have to transfer to a special smaller truck in order to make the final delivery.